Building Permit Application

Building permit application located a the botton of the page.

Building permits must be obtained before you start work on a new construction or demolition project. Building permits are for the safety of the home owner and any future owners of the property and provide information to MPAC in order to keep property assessments current.


Permits are normally required for:

  • any addition to an existing structure
  • any new structure over 108 square feet
  • porches or decks over 24” high
  • decks that are attached to existing building
  • carports and garages
  • structural alterations to existing buildings
  • moving or lifting an existing building
  • installing a woodstove or fireplace
  • adding windows or doors
  • increase in size of existing windows/doors
  • creating an apartment
  • altering or adding any plumbing
  • demolishing any structure over 108 square feet
  • signs; All signs require a permit except for;
    • signs for regulating traffic, signs in display windows, small signs displayed for directions of the public (directional restroom signs) or signs painted directly on a building. 
      *please contact the building department for clarification if needed* 

Permits NOT normally required for:

  • detached decks less than 24” high
  • detached structures less than 108 square feet
  • replacing roofing or siding
  • replacing windows/doors with same size
  • interior wall, floor, ceiling finishes
  • weeping tile or tarring a basement
  • replacing plumbing fixtures

*Always check with your municipality before starting your project to determine whether a permit is required. 


  • Prepare drawings which accurately and to scale describe the construction.
  • Visit your local municipal office and complete a building permit application, or print an application from our Website. Simply fill it out and bring to the municipal office with the required documents for your project.
  • Provide the required construction and site plan drawings.
  • Pay the permit fee of $85.00


            Review your permit and make sure all the information on it is correct, make sure you understand at what stages you are required to call for inspections.

            Ensure that you have a current set of construction drawings and keep them on site at all times. Post a copy of the permit in a visible place on the construction site.

            You may commence construction anytime after the permit fee has been paid. Your permit will expire if no construction has started within 6 months of the issue date, your permit will remain valid after construction has begun for as long as work progresses.

            Local utilities such as hydro, gas, and telephone operate independently from the municipality and need to be contacted regarding specific approvals and inspections. Ensure you know where utilities are located before starting to dig. You can obtain line locates by calling 1-800-400-2255.

 If changes are to be made to the approved work, notify the inspector ASAP.

CALL FOR INSPECTIONS giving at least 48 hours notice. (705-563-2426)