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McGarry/Larder Lake Lions Club
Annual Fish Derby - 2017


Who could ask for a better Larder Lake Fish Derby weekend? It was full of nice weather, family, friends and FUN!

Thanks to all the hard working volunteers for supplying the music, food and beverages to help make this a success.

Larder Lake was not only busy with people luring in the "Trophy Fish" but also on-lookers hoping to get a peek at the fish coming in, some were even brave enough to take a swim to cool down, play at the park and just have a snack!

Thank You to all the local businesses sponsoring this event and all who participated!

See you next year!


Township of McGarry
Annual Easter Hunt - 2017

The Township of McGarry hosted their Annual Easter Hunt this past Saturday. It was an funfilled afternoon of face painting, balloon animals, photos with a live bunny, crafts and dancing.
Thank You once again to all the volunteers for all their efforts in creating a successful Easter Hunt for the children!

McGarry Volunteer Fire Fighters Association
Annual Snowmobile Poker Run - 2017

The McGarry Volunteer Fire Fighters Association Annual Poker Run was a huge success once again this year.

A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers for their time and hard work and to the local businesses that supported this event!

To all the participants, we hope you enjoyed the day and look forward to next year's Snowmobile Poker Run.

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Larder | McGarry Lions Club Fish Derby - 2016

The Muddy Moose was there to feed the crowd

The Lions Club did an amazing job bartending!

Many people were trying their luck at the docks.

These fishermen had a great set up on the island!

Many people were out cruising Larder Lake in search of the "Trophy Fish"

The situations I get myself in!!

There were many successful catches!

Olivia Keft took first prize for the Pike, measuring 30.5 inches!

Isacck Fournier took second prize in the Pike measuring 24 inches.

Kate Keft took third prize in the Pike, measuring 24 inches.

Laurn Kelly took first prize with number of fish caught, bringing in 20 fish!

Bently Boucher placed second in number of fish caught, catching 15 fish.

Isaac Fournier placed third, catching 11 fish.

Jillian St. Syre placed fourth, catching 9 fish in total.

J.C. Carre took first and second place for the Trout division. He caught a 3.15 ounce, and a 3.2 ounce fish.
Jean Claude Langhart placed third with his trout weighing in at 3.2 ounces.

David Kelly took first place in the Pike division, with his weighing in at a whopping 16.12 ounces,
Ian Allen placed second at 11.1 ounces, and Melissa Larson placed third at 10.0 ounces.