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    Township of McGarry - Drinking Water System

  • Clean, Safe Drinking Water is Important To US!

    Our water source consists of two drilled wells.
    • The first well was drilled in 1994 to a depth of 26.2 Meters. The water is pumped using a vertical turbine pump assembly at a maximum rate of 1,4230 litres per minute.
    • The second well was modified December, 2014 to a drilled depth of 28.65 meters using a submersible deep well pump bringing water in at 1,105 liters per minute. It is used as a standby well in when the first well is down for maintenance, repair or an emergency situation. It is currently configured to operate once in every 30 tower filling cycle to ensure water quality.
    The groundwater is pumped through a sodium hypochlorite disinfection system, complete with a chemical feed panel consisting of two chemical metering pumps (duty and standby), and duplicate storage tanks with secondary spill containment. The water is then pumped through a 6 km long by 200 mm diameter ductile iron forcemain (pipe) to the elevated reservoir/tower. The tower has 1,300 cubic metres of usable volume for water storage. A free chlorine residual analyzer and a pressure transmitter both using a circular chart recorder are on-site and use an alarm communication device. An 8” Promag 50W magnetic flow meter was installed in July 2015 on the discharge header from the tower. Piping for filling, discharging, draining and bypassing purposes are also housed within the elevated water storage, as well as a water sample collection station.
    The alarms are monitored by the OCWA in Kirkland Lake (Ontario Clean Water Agency)
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Operational Plan - Drinking Water System