Recycling Program

  1. Rinse all recycling before putting it in the bin
  2. Break down cardboard boxes and tie it together if you have too much of it to fit in your bin
  3. All shredded paper should be put in a clear plastic bag
  4. This is a single stream recycling program so you do not need to sort your recycling
  5. Do not put compost or animal waste material in your bin
  6. Feel free to use CLEAR plastic bags for your recycling if it is convenient for you


Paper Products - newspaper, magazines, computer paper, pamphlets, flyers, envelopes, writing paper, cardboard, boxboard, cereal boxes, old corrugated cardboard, tissue boxes, soup boxes, shoe boxes, milk and juice cartons, etc...
Electonics - computers, televisions, phones, cd players, etc...
Aluminum Steel Cans - used for food and drinks, aliminum foil and plates, etc...
Glass Jars and Bottles - used for food and drinks, empty paint cans, aerosol cans, etc...
Plastic Containers - bottles and all other plastic containers labeled with symbols #1 to #7
Styrofoam - used for packaging and shipping


Paper - such as wax paper, paper towels, waxed grocery boxes
Metal - coat hangers, metal pots and pans
Glass - drinking glasses, cups, dishes, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, pottery, glass pots and pans
Plastic - such as caulking tubes, cellophane and all other recycling that does not have the #1 to #7 symbols